Top 10 Best 7 Seater SUVs 2014

Automobile customers are turning to 7-seater SUVs as a worthy investment that provides high-quality means of transportation that provides much family-friendliness, fuel economy, convenience, and flexibility. Therefore, these SUVs has gained more and more market share and become the prime automotive market segment.

Due to the increase in demands for these SUVs that transport a large amount of cargo and many passengers at a time, manufacturers have designed and released a wide range of 7-passenger SUVs with high-quality and many developed features, both in appearance and performance. Selecting a SUV that gives the biggest bang for your buck nowadays may be quite a feat with so many options with different styles, engines, designs, fuel economy, etc. Therefore, we have made an article of the Top ten 7-seater SUVs in order to introduce the best cars that are worth your money and provide top-notch services. The list also contains SUVs with latest features of the industry, thus giving you a look on the current standard of quality in choosing the best 7-passenger SUVs.

1. Ford Expedition


Ford Expedition is an excellent name when it comes to good towing capacity with top-notch performance. This SUV offers comfortable seating with much space for both passengers and cargo. The 310 horsepower 5.4-liter V8 engine provides a strong towing force for long journeys, making Ford Expedition an excellent choice as a family vehicle for vacation journeys. When fully equipped, this SUV can tow up to 9200 lbs. smoothly and comfortably. The only drawback of Ford Expedition from the point of car critics is the interior materials due to the cheap-looking plastics.

2. Audi Q7


If you are looking for a luxury SUV that provides enough space for up to 7 passengers, then Audi Q7 is the one for you. This elegant SUV offers outstanding performance along with every feature expected in a professional classy luxury 7-seater SUV. Audi Q7 comes with various engine options for users, including petrol, diesel and environmental-friendly engine that reduces up to 70% of emission. The luxurious features of Audi Q7 are manifested in design, manufacturing materials, and the performance system. Audi Q7 is praised not only for the design and engine, but also for the safety and comfort provided for both driver and passengers.

3. Chevrolet Suburban


Chevrolet Suburban provides spacious room for up to 9 passengers with cargo, thus the vehicle fits well to the 7-seater SUV category. Chevrolet Suburban provides excellent performance in towing heavy load and running smoothly, giving much comfort to both driver and passengers for long journeys. The vehicle has flexible backseats to create more space for cargo or for passengers, changing from trips to trips. The Ecotec V8 engine of Chevrolet Suburban is the engine that you can trust from outstanding performance, with powerful force and stable operation. Some state their dislike towards the design of this SUV, but if you consider what it offers to you as a top-notch 7-passenger SUV, the design doesn’t look bad at all!

4. Nissan Armada


Nissan Armada is one of the largest SUV ever made. The vehicle offers an excellent choice for those interested in owning a large, powerful and affordable SUV that comes with international reputation. The loading capabilities and interior space is really large, providing much room for comfortable seating and cargo loading. The interior designs get mixed reviews from both critics and users, as some state the designs look boring and cheap, while others praise the simplicity of the interior.

5. Honda Odyssey


This SUV has the design of a minivan with elegant exterior and comfortable interior. HondaOdyssey 2014 is a new member of the Odyssey family with words from Honda stating that the vehicle will be packed with new 7-seater features that offers outstanding towing capacities, powerful force, smooth performance and comfortable driving experience. Both exterior and interior of Honda Odyssey have seen major improvements, creating a more elegant yet more professional and powerful Odyssey. Honda Odyssey has many prospects to grow in sales this year regarding its new design and specification. This is why it is listed in the Top ten 7-seater SUVs.

6. Toyota Land Cruiser


Toyota Land Cruiser is a very familiar name in several best 7-seater SUV lists. The vehicle provides smooth performance and large towing capabilities, especially if you are going on an adventure to muddy routes or off-road touring. Land Cruiser is well known for trustworthy powerful performance that comes with comfortable seating, large space for cargo, high-tech interior for both driver and passengers, large leg space, and fuel economy. The large rough noise coming from the engine may be the downside to some people, but overall this is a top-notch 7-seater SUV that provides excellent service with an affordable price.

7. Acura MDX


Test drives and users’ reviews have given Acura MDS a high rank in several best luxury 7-seater SUV lists. The vehicle has a refined driving dynamics with excellent fuel economy (20/28 mpg fir city/highway), as well as classy exterior and interior design. The V6 engine with 6-speed automatic transmission gives this ride a strong performance with smooth running and comfortable sound for both driver and passengers. Acura MDX has been receiving positive reviews from a wide range of car critics, stating that this is an outstanding choice for a family vehicle.

8. Lincoln MKT


Lincoln MKT is a great choice for luxury 7-seater SUV. It comes with refined driving dynamics with professional high-tech interior and elegant classy exterior design. Lincoln MKT comes with 2 engine options: V6 engine and EcoBoost V6 engine, both having smooth and prompt shifting. The vehicle performs 17/25 mpg for city/highway, which is not a very impressive gas mileage for the class, yet if putting its powerful performance and large towing capabilities into consideration, such mileage is adequate for what it offers. Reviews state that Lincoln MKT is a fun driving experience with great comfort and convenience.

9. Huyndai Santa Fe


Hyundai Santa Fe is a great choice if you are considering an affordable vehicle that provides strong power, smooth performance and large space for passengers and cargo. Hyundai Santa Fe also has high-tech interior that guarantees more fun to drive and enjoy the journey. The new 2014 Hyundai Santa Fe has a few improvements in the exterior design with a more modern and robust taste.

10. Mazda CX9


Mazda CX9 has received many beautiful reviews from critics and users for its outstanding performance, comfort and design. It is an impressive crossover between cargo/passenger ride and sports ride. The vehicle is packed with new technologies in operation system to guarantee a smooth, quick and trustworthy performance with powerful force. It also has standout design and smart interior arrangement for maximum passenger comfort. Mazda CX9 offers high values to its users with amazing performance, powerful engine and smooth driving experience. It is currently the best 7-passenger SUVs in its range.

The list of Top ten 7-seater SUVs are the best ones in the market and are leading their class and range in performance, technologies and design. They also represent the industry’s latest development and trend in automobile technology. The list offers the top SUVs that give a big bang for your buck and bring many values to the users. For more info about SUVs, visit

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