What Are Best SUVs For Snow?

Sport utility vehicles, aka SUVs, suburban assault vehicles, sport-ute etc., by and large, are a popular choice these days since they are roomy, sturdy, trendy and highly appropriate for towing. If you are considering getting one, there is one thing you might want to do first: determine the type that you need. How many people and much you would like to carry? How much power do you need? How about the climate as well as the road conditions? With that being said, today we want to look through one small part of the answers to those questions: best SUV for snow.

Before we get into the SUVs that are perfect for driving in the snow, let’s find out about SUV types. Basically, there are two kinds of SUVs: car-based and truck-based.

Car-based models have the frame and the body bonded into one piece, which is called uni-body construction. Most car-based SUVs feature a completely independent suspension that results in better handling and ride comfort than truck-based ones. They are equipped with all-wheel drive system and the ability to deal with moderate off-road situations. However, car-based SUVs cannot handle harsh off-road conditions like loose sand, deep water, high rocks or steep inclines.

In terms of truck-based models, these traditional SUVs are designed with a body-on-frame platform. They provide more cargo and towing capacity than a car-based model of the same size. With four-wheel drive system, they are robust on challenging off-road terrain.But the handling is complicated, the ride is unstable.Even though most have no independent rear suspensions, some body-on-frame models offers better ride and handling.

Mitsubishi Outlander 2014

As one of the best mid-size snow-ready SUVs, the 2014 Mitsubishi Outlander is ready to take you and your family through the white of snow with its seven passenger transportation across three rows. Equipped with four selectable drive modes for full authority in acceleration, turning and braking, this one makes youfeel more confident no matter where you go.

Subaru Forester 2014

Having a standard all-wheel drive and a new feature X-Mode that can adjust the engine and maximize the grip on slippery surfaces, the 2014 Subaru Forester might attract your attention. Marked as Top Safety Pick Plus, it features a stability control system, smart braking systems and an advanced protection system that makes it a valuable investment.

Jeep Grand Cherokee 2014

The 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee owns an entry-level Quadra-Trac I system which offers four-wheel fraction with no need for low-speeding transferring.There are also two more four-wheel systems aimed at fans of hardcore off-roading. With those qualities, this one is the warrior’s choice on a snowy day.

Toyota Highlander Hybrid 2014

Another one that seems to fit the missing piece is The 2014 Toyota Highlander Hybrid. With Dynamic Torque-Control All-Wheel Drive, the vehicle gives you better control one the slippery road. And additionally, its electrical components turn out to endure the winter’s chill.  Its passenger and cargo capacity is also enhanced and fuel economy is improved as well.

So that was all for today. Remember that the best SUV for snow require proper and sophisticated drive systems, good ground clearance and superior suspension components. With all of these combined, you are good to go. Also, you can read 4 Best SUVs For Snow in 2015 to find more info about good SUVs for snow.

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